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I might pop some more new stuff in my member’s area tonight, as I will be very very busy the next few days. I have to go into town and do all sorts of boring and official errands. I also want to buy a new bed because mine got way too much use… hehe. There’s also a big family party going on later in the week. Busy busy busy! Join my site if you want to see the new footage and the old!

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My New Apartment + New Stuff!

I’ve been updating my site with a lot of older sexy footage. In a way, I’m getting rid of my old life and getting started anew. The reason I haven’t done diary updates yet is that I finally found a new apartment and it’s a lot of work settling back in! Things don’t always go as smoothly as you wish they would when you are in the adult business and looking for a new home… or in any business that isn’t considered as “normal”. There’s a lot of forms to be filled and every single one wants to know what you do for a living, who’s your employer, what’s your exact income… So I just came up with the word “self-employed”, and that brings up a whole bunch of new questions, like “what’s your company called?” and all sorts… I guess I could’ve told them I was a model as it seems like every girl and their dog is a model these days, but I think I’m more of an entrepreneur than a model, and I don’t think they’d buy it to be honest, haha. Yeah I’m 5′9′’ and my favourite tv show is America’s Next Top Model but that’s about it, lol. Well, the only paper I needed to show them at the end of the day was my tax paper ( the nice lady at the office helped me out a lot :) ) and then I got to move in, and most importantly, to start looking for a new kitten! My cat loves the new place, it’s about 3 times bigger than the old one, has freshly painted white walls and a brand new kitchen. Lot’s of new smells, places to hide and things to scratch and ruin! Anyway, I’ve been so busy for weeks – cleaning, sorting out new furniture and whatnot, but don’t worry, I’ve got some nice things in store for the future :P

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