Zita Updated! Series 12


Zita is posing on the staircase, legs wide open and revealing everything. She has a great body for those of you who like neat models with lithe limbs and tight abs. She grabs hold of a bright blue dildo and starts to fuck her pussy with it. She gives it a good go, despite being on what must be the most uncomfortable of locations. That’s dedication to you.  Click Here

Elsa Updated! Series 1


Elsa has just joined Simonscans so give her a warm welcome everyone. She gets into the spirit of the shoot pretty easily by pulling up her top and pulling down her knickers. She can’t wait to get her hands on a toy and picks out a cute vibrator. It’s just a little thing to get her teased up and raring to go. It’s a rather coy but sweet debut from a promising model. Let’s keep our eye on this one.  Click Here

Holidays And Sex

deep throating a cockHey hornies! I am on holiday, on the sea getting tanned and having sex. It’s just marvellous!! I am getting laid a few times every day and i am sucking so much cock that my face muscles hurt ahahah. Anyway, here i have attached another picture and another little video from my bukkake gangbang of few days ago, when 8 men abused my face and covered and filled me with loads of sperm lol You can tell from the picture that they literally fucked my mouth as if it was a pussy and they stick their dicks deep down my throat, with no mercy. I also wanted to tell you that i am arranging a bigger gangbang with all my website members who want to participate, for August; basically i want to be banged by you! Fucked up my ass, my cunt drilled, my throat punded etc…just apply inside my members area and i will contact you back.

Don’t forget that i will be back from my holidays the 29th of July! I am shooting a lot of new naughty stuff, from my vacation and i am sure that you will love it! Soon after my return there will be a looong webcam show with a slutty surprise, just to become intimate together again. Well, now i have to leave you because it is really hot here and i want to go and flash my titties on the beach and have a swim…with a little bit of luck i will find some fresh meat for my evening needs eheheh Don’t forget to


Belicia Updated! Series 3


Belicia isn’t a girl made for outdoors. Firstly she has a terrible habit of not wearing event-appropriate clothing. What was she thinking when she picked out a shirt with one button and pair of pants? What about the mozzies? What about the nettles? Things get worse when she takes a breather and lays down with her knickers around her ankles. Think of all those red ants biting her arse!  Click Here

Bukkake Slut Gangbanged

being gangbanged by 8 menI met up with a small group of guys, in the local pub, we had all been invited round to meet Sabrina Deep for a little play session and we were all – just a little bit – nervous.
At the appointed time, we made our way up to the house and met with Sabrina’s photographer. We chatted and waited for Sabrina to get ready. It seemed a long time, but when she came into the room, it was worth any wait. She was simply stunning. Her hair and make-up were impeccable. She was dressed in a simple, beautiful ensemble and her smile lit up the room. She chatted and helped make us all feel comfortable and suddenly it seemed we were all stood around her having our cocks sucked and rubbed. I watched as 4 or more friends unloaded their cum on her face, then it was my turn. It felt like I spurted pints, but, probably it was a little bit less than that I remeber her looking at me with one eye shut and a warm smile on her face. Guys, she is beautiful in pictures, but, close-up and personal she is AWESOME.

Hi Guys! The above is a message that i have found in my forum this morning. That message is froma fan of mine, member of my website, who took part in a bukkake gangbang with me a few days ago, at my place. Everybody knows that i date my members, but this time i wanted something more and so i arranged a bukkake gangbang with 8 men. Loads of cum, lots of cocks, hours of sucking and deep-throating eheheh It was just great! I am going for holidays for two weeks in 2 days time, and althought i will continue to update my site and the blog from there, i wanted to leave you a surprise to thank you for your love and heat in the past months: the complete footage of the gangbang is on my members area, video and pictures. The video is a one shot 1 hours movie, unedited, with no interruptions whatsoever and with great sound. You won’t miss this, guys!


Tits And Pussy

face sitting

Although this woman has a beautiful face and a set of tits that’s unforgettable, all the guy in this scene gets to see is her pussy, up close and personal. Instead of marvelling at her great form, he dives right into her delicious cunt. He really doesn’t have much choice, does he? She decends on him like a shark!

face sitting face sitting