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I love to give head, to suck cock and feel a huge load of warm cum shot in my mouth: the pulsating dick, the unloading balls, the taste, the texture, the swallowing.. it’s a unique experience which lets me feel totally in control and makes me wet and horny like hell…or like a real slut i shall say eheheh. But to deep-throat a hard, stiff cock can be an even more fulfilling experience…in every sense. I love to make my mouth and throat available for a man, to submit them totally and unconditionally to his wildest and naughtiest instincts and to experience that gagging reflex which tells you how deep down you that cock is cruising.

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I’ve just finished a live webcam show and my face is covered in cum, which i’m eagerly wiping off my face with my fingers, so that i can eat it and swallow: it’s like having dessert served over your face it eheheh

It has been a pretty busy day, so far, with loads of cum and lots of cock and it isn’t finished yet; this evening i’m going to have guests for dinner and i’m pretty sure that the after dinner will be as exciting as the day so far.

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Dressed like a boy, fucked like a slut...mmmm, crempies Hi! I just came out of the shower and i’m feeling horny like fucking hell, here, waiting for hubby to come back home from work and making him hard! I want to make him a surprise and bake some buscuits for him, but with a twist eheheh

I will be baking naked and really messy and i will make sure that i get covered in flour, dough and sugar, so that when he comes home i look like a little dirty slut and his cock rises up as soon as he sees me eheheh

I’m confident that he will shove his cock right up me, in the kitchen and i’m all wet thinking of him taking me rough and cumming in my mouth or up my cunt and fucking my deep throat like crazy ;-) I am setting some cameras in the kitchen, so i will able to take evidence of my housewife skills and show them to you, if my plan works…it must work…i’m in one of those moments when i could go out on the street, naked and shag the first soul i see, so, he better follows my plan ahahahah

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