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Sandie was out and about this week so Faye took on the role of raunchy solo slut. With only one girl available for shooting, Faye decided to spice it up. She invited over one of her casual boy toys and let him have his way with her. He pleasured her for a while, licking and nibbling at every part of her supple body… but once he got really horny, he nailed her harder than ever before. This guy didn’t stop until he was completely done with her and he gave her a nice shot to the face at the end. Faye got an eyeful of cum and was pretty darn happy about it.

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Come join Omar and this very sexy blonde on a humping holiday adventure. This British interracial duo will impress you with their silly antics and raunchy sex. The blonde just can’t get enough of Omar’s ebony member. She caresses all 11 inches of it and then puts it in her mouth for further inspection. Once Omar is harder than ever before, she lets him mount her. This girl never says no so when Omar’s black dick starts penetrating her ass, she doesn’t say a word. The anal action is extremely hot with closeups in different angles that I’m sure you’ve never seen before!

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It’s a romp-a-thon and you have a front row seat! Faye and Sandie team up with two hung studs – one ebony and one ivory. This foursome is one of the hottest I’ve ever seen. The white guy is hung, the black guy is super hung, and Faye and Sandie are as slutty as always. They love sharing cocks and teasing each other while they get fucked. In fact, one of the hottest things to see is when both girls are vying for the same dick. They both try to show each other up so the sex only gets steamier as the scene goes along. These girls know what they’re doing when it comes to fucking!

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You wouldn’t believe how much stuff was on there, and how much of it I had completely forgotten about. I’ve never had an attic in any of the houses I’ve lived in, but I can imagine cleaning up a full 160G external hard drive is pretty much like cleaning up an attic – full of card board boxes (or folders in my case) covered in spider webs, boxes under boxes under boxes, binliners full of plastic bags full of old clothes and toys… So many old videos I forgot I ever made, it’s like christmas! In this folder called “old shit” I found some little clips and a couple of bigger clips. You might have noticed that I uploaded those little clips on the site already, and the longer ones are coming today! There’s a great 2 part Behind the scenes bath video which I’m sure you’ll love.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to do some googling about vets in my area and how old my new cat needs to be to get his balls cut off!

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