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Now that I have so many more members I’ve noticed my bandwidth usage has gone through the roof. Other than transferring my videos onto my new server I had to do some research on what I can do to fix the situation. So now, 2 hours and a billion copy-pastes later my members area is finally a little less bandwidth hungry. I’m not expecting miracles, but it would be nice if it at least made up for the new video and picture update I did today, lol. Many of you are cumshot/facial fans, so I made a cumshot compilation video for you – non members click here to join and see it! It has some of the best cumshots and facials you have seen on my site! I say “some” as this one is only the first part ;) And for those of you who prefer pix I made a little collection of cumshot pictures! All this coming soon on my members site!

Outtakes can be sexy too!

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So if you’re a member of my site, you’ve probably noticed the flood of new outtake picture updates. I really don’t mind if you never check that section of my site, but I can’t really take it off as apparently some of you are huge fans lol.

I didn’t just treat you with some juicy bloopers, there’s also a couple of new proper photo sets and some hot videos too. Updating my members area is a lot of work but a lot of fun too. In one of their descriptions I mentioned something about this “Bob” moving in, and if you’ve read my diary in the past few weeks, you might guess who Bob is… Yes, I’ve got a kitten! And my old cat is happy as ever… I wish! For a week she just hissed at him if he came near her. Towards me she was moody as ever, which has never happened before, so I made sure she got some extra attention too. As Bob grew a little (they grow so fast!!!), it became VERY hard to keep 2 cats happy and out of trouble, Bob is always pulling down curtains and chewing my toes.

Finally a few days ago I started to see some progress as these two babies started to play together! And by playing I mean that Bob started to let Siiri taste her own medicine and stood up for himself, so they got into fights countless times a day. Luckily no-one got hurt (except mommy), and constant fighting turned into some playful wrestling, and now whenever they are not sleeping they are chasing each other around the house. It’s quite heart-warming to watch your kids play :) Occasinally Siiri tolerates Bob enough to let him sleep next to her, and even licks him! I’ve got a few video clips of her cleaning him up, I might upload them to the candid video section, so all cat lovers keep an eye out for them!

Even if you don’t like cats, I’m sure you guys out there love pussy, some come to my members area!

Days And Updates

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Hi again, it’s been a mad couple daysfor me, but I think I’ve done everything that needed to be done and I can relax now! Thanks for understanding the lack of how busy I’ve been! My members area is now full with new photos, outtakes, webcam videos, and a lot of other stuff! Some new videos will be up soon too.

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Sandie Caine and her friend play some schoolgirl games. It’s obvious that these ladies are well into their 20s but they still like messing around sometimes in costumes like these. Both girls spread their legs and show off their white panties right before they pee right through them. If they were real school girls, they’d be in some serious trouble right now. Click here to see all the piss you can handle!

Busy & Very Hot!

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I might pop some more new stuff in my member’s area tonight, as I will be very very busy the next few days. I have to go into town and do all sorts of boring and official errands. I also want to buy a new bed because mine got way too much use… hehe. There’s also a big family party going on later in the week. Busy busy busy! Join my site if you want to see the new footage and the old!

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My New Apartment + New Stuff!

I’ve been updating my site with a lot of older sexy footage. In a way, I’m getting rid of my old life and getting started anew. The reason I haven’t done diary updates yet is that I finally found a new apartment and it’s a lot of work settling back in! Things don’t always go as smoothly as you wish they would when you are in the adult business and looking for a new home… or in any business that isn’t considered as “normal”. There’s a lot of forms to be filled and every single one wants to know what you do for a living, who’s your employer, what’s your exact income… So I just came up with the word “self-employed”, and that brings up a whole bunch of new questions, like “what’s your company called?” and all sorts… I guess I could’ve told them I was a model as it seems like every girl and their dog is a model these days, but I think I’m more of an entrepreneur than a model, and I don’t think they’d buy it to be honest, haha. Yeah I’m 5′9′’ and my favourite tv show is America’s Next Top Model but that’s about it, lol. Well, the only paper I needed to show them at the end of the day was my tax paper ( the nice lady at the office helped me out a lot :) ) and then I got to move in, and most importantly, to start looking for a new kitten! My cat loves the new place, it’s about 3 times bigger than the old one, has freshly painted white walls and a brand new kitchen. Lot’s of new smells, places to hide and things to scratch and ruin! Anyway, I’ve been so busy for weeks – cleaning, sorting out new furniture and whatnot, but don’t worry, I’ve got some nice things in store for the future :P

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