Carmen The German Dogging Queen

Sexy brunette Carmen goes on a Dogging mission only to find that we have been locked out of one of our favorite Dogging locations. Not to be outdone, its back in the car and onto the next Car Park. We find a lucky Dogger that gets to sample the delights of wonderful Carmen. This girls has a fantastic fat ass and blows dick like a pure slag. Our Dogging hero is rewarded with some fantastic cock-sucking and gets to blow his load all over Carmen's ass.

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Gina Updated! Series 13


A lovely start to this movie. Gina slowly peels off her dress and rubs her hands all over her body. She pushes her tits together and then removes the rest of her clothes. She is soon lying down with one finger moving in and out of her pussy and her fingers on her clit. Her breathing becomes faster as she starts to rub herself into excitement. As she finger fucks herself, Simon is really close to the action – his lens is almost inside her he is so close. Gina then grabs a huge dildo and starts to fuck her pussy fast. She loves stopping and sucking her juices off it. She’s loud when she comes so adjust your volumes!

Wildy Updated! Series 8


When Wildy pulls her lips apart her pussy really does look ready to fuck. Her holes are wide and ready, glistening with juices. She is one of Simon’s favourites and it’s not hard to understand why. She does two of his favourite things – gaping and huge toys. She does them both very well too, looking completely in control throughout. She’s a diamond.

Cate Updated! Series 7


Cate’s popular and it isn’t hard to see why we all like her an awful lot. Just take a look at that smile. Then there are the white stockings and knickers around her ankles to contend with. We haven’t even mentioned the toys. In this set she fucks her arse and her pussy at the same time with clear dildos. No wonder she’s a favourite!

Rose Updated! Series 1


Rose is new to this idea and she obviously finds it all a bit of a scream. When she got her hands on the dildo and was lying on the sofa fucking herself from behind, she couldn’t stop laughing! With her long, glossy dark hair she is a good one to watch we reckon. She shows filth promise and that’s what we like best!

Goshka Back for Cock

This little "Car Park Slut" returns to take on the Essex boys in some classic Dogging action. While she sucks off our lucky players, cars pull up and couples watch and even the police make an untimely visit. If you want you Dogging action real, raw with no actors, then you're in the right place. Goshka is bang on form so don't miss this one whatever you do..

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Olivia Updated! Series 2


Olivia is only 19 and she is a total beauty. Now this is why we travel to Prague. We don’t want that polished look which comes with straight ironed hair and nail extensions that can poke eyes out 20 miles away. No. What we want are girls like Olivia, girls who are absolutely naturally beautiful. She’s funky and fun. What more could you want?

Misha Updated! Series 3


For those of you who want the perfect looking model doing porn in the a-typical porn way then this is the set for you. It seems there are a few of you who want less of the girl next door and more of polished perfection. In this set Misha is surrounded by marble and has her strutting, pouting model head on. She bends and preens her body while looking as if she wants to fuck the tiles.

Tea Updated! Series 2


Some of you say that there are too many toys in the sets or that there isn’t enough teasing going on but we go straight into the nitty gritty too quickly sometimes. This set is for you. It is just Tea messing about and showing bits of herself to the camera. It’s slow and gentle with lots of boob shots. So if you want the top deck rather than the under carriage, this is for you.