Reading Porn And Squirting

SquirtaholicI have a nice collection of porn magazines, at home. I’m a nympho and need to get laid all the time, you know, so, reading some porn, at times, can do me really good eheheh It’s not that i need it to get turned on, but rather to make my fingering action wilder and faster, i would say. It is horny to see so many different cocks filling holes and pumping like crazy in just few pages and this afternoon i decided to have a peep at it ;-) While reading it, i started touching my titties, taking special care of my nipples, squeezing them, sucking them and making them wet with my saliva.

Well, the result is that i got wet like crazy and my cunt went in flames, screaming for being rubbed from the inside and being pumped wildly. So, i took my dildo and stuck it up my cunt in one go: i was so wet that i hardly needed any effort to do that! If you look at the picture and the video, you can see that the dilso i used is one with balls…well, i started pushing so hard, that i was close to lose it all inside my pussy, a few times lol. It didn’t last long until i felt a hot rush of blood blowing my head and stricking my pussay back and i released that heavy feeling of oppression with an intense, long lasting orgasm, accompanied by a violent squirt of cum which reached the camera and blurred the lens ahahah!

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Cum Addiction

Addicted to cumI’m in the kitchen, baking again, like every Sunday and look who’s here? My husband, with the video camera on and his hard cock pointing at me ahahah! Cookies are good, but all of a sudden i’m craving for meat. It’s not by chance that i’m renown for my deep-throat and for my addiction to cum: show me a hard dick and two swollen balls and my mouth gets watered in a second. I have already some biscuits in the oven, but i cannot resist the view of that piece of meat screaming for a blowjob, so i forget the baking, i go on my knees and i start sucking that cock and those balls eagerly.

I push my head against my man’s pube and i feel the tip of his cock pushing beyond my ugola, down my throat. I gag, but the arousement of my throat been fucked like a pussy overwhelms my instinct to pull back and i keep to move my head back and forward, wildly, while my tongue slips out of my mouth and goes to reach the balls, massaging and wrapping them. I can feel the cock getting bigger and bigger, if possible and i can sense that it is going to explode inside my mouth, down my throat soon.

I hear a scream of pleasure and suddenly a huge load of sperm is shot directly in the very back of my throat and i can feel a river of cum flowing inside, down me; then another load of cum is shot, in my mouth, and another one, and one more. Guys, it’s a great feeling to have a mouthful of cum to swallow! I clean the cock with my tongue, because i don’t wanna miss a drop of sperm, then i remember my cookies in the over, but it’s too late…they are burnt lol. But it doesn’t bother me: 12 biscuits for a shot of hot spunk is a great bargain!

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Yum, Slurp, Gulp! I’m a Cumaholic

I am a cumaholicI’m writing you from my bathtub, today and i must be careful not to make my laptop wet ahahah I’m taking a relaxing hot bath, because i had a very intense day and because it was also a very cold day lol It looks like winter is back!

Well, the video is a bit dark today, but it gives you a better idea of how i like to take my baths: candle-light, hot water, some nice music and eyes closed. I am writing from this unusual location because while i had my eyes closed and i was relaxing, almost asleep, i sensed a presence in the room…i opened my eyes and i saw my husband one meter away from me, wanking his hard cock rather furiously ahahah!

I think the reason why he gets so excited when i take a bath is that my big natural boobies float on the water and my nipples pop out of it, stiff and hard because of the difference of temperature between the water and the air. Anyway…could i close my eyes back and leave him there, as i didn’t notice that he was hornie? Could i have wasted the opportunity to rub that stiff dick with my watered mouth and taste and swallow one more load of cum, today? I couldn’t really lol So, i invited him with a slutty voice to cum closer and to stick his cock down my throat and i gave him a hot blowjob, until i felt his cock exploding inside my mouth and i swallowed all his sperm mmmmm

Then i thought that it would have been nice to let you know this on my blog and here i am. But now that i have let you know i need to close my eyes again, relax and dream of your cocks shooting loads in my mouth eheheheh jeeze, i’m a cumaholic

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A Double Penetration Nympho

double penetration nymphoUh-uuuhh! How are you tonight, hornies? I feel great! I had my webcam show last night and it was terrific, which means that i had a few orgasms and a lot of fun eheheh. I had both my ass and cunt filled with two dildos at the same time and i loved it so much that i felt like replying, today, only with a dildo up my cunt and my hubby fucking my ass hard, this time.

The day started pretty well…i was a bit tired this morning, because my webcam shows are really packed with action and they last a good couple of hours, until late at night, but all together i was feeling full of energy and positive vibes :-) Most of my day has been the typical housewife day…i went shopping for food, i cleaned my kitchen, before making it dirty again to bake some brownies, then i cleaned it again (lol) and then i went to take a hot bubble-bath and read a book in the bath-tub.

I haven’t touched myself at all, until 6 in the evening, can you believe it? ahahah! Well, at 6pm my pussy has started to feel abstinent and she has taken complete control over me, as usual. I have started thinking back to last night, the webcam show, the double penetration, the nice orgasms and when my hubby has come back home from work i have seen a good opportunity for having both my holes filled again ;-) Hubby was really full of energy, as you can probably sense from the video and it has been really great to have my fav toy stuck up my pussy while my husband was pushing his cock hard inside my ass! My ass got well fucked and nicely seeded, my pussy got her orgasm, i calmed my nympho instincts down, my hubby unloaded his balls and it was all right in time for dinner rofl!

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Deep Throat Queen

I love to give head, to suck cock and feel a huge load of warm cum shot in my mouth: the pulsating dick, the unloading balls, the taste, the texture, the swallowing.. it’s a unique experience which lets me feel totally in control and makes me wet and horny like hell…or like a real slut i shall say eheheh. But to deep-throat a hard, stiff cock can be an even more fulfilling experience…in every sense. I love to make my mouth and throat available for a man, to submit them totally and unconditionally to his wildest and naughtiest instincts and to experience that gagging reflex which tells you how deep down you that cock is cruising.

I’m telling you this because today i had a very instense orgasm right while my face was literally fucked as if it was my pussy. As it often happens, i was just feeling like giving a blowjob and finger myself at the same time (i love it!), but the plan slightly changed almost immediately, when my man started to push my head against his cock, gently, but firmly.

It’s no secret that i am a nympho slut, but as i started to feel the tip of his cock pressing my ugola, something happened between my legs…i had a rush of blood to down there and the sudden lack of blood in my brain (eheheh) must have been the cause of my following action: i laid down in bed, with my head slightly leaning off the edge of the bed, bent down, and i pull the cock towards my open mouth and begged loud to have my throat fucked as hard as possible.

The position of my head and neck was ideal for opening my throat wide and hosting the whole dick inside me. I have had my face fucked so hard that his balls were hurting me at times, while they were slapping my nose and eyes. Gosh, it was wild, guys…really wild! I was fingering my pussy at the same time and when he gave a last, long, deep push to his cock down my throat and shot a huge load of cum straight beyond my gagging point, i started to have one of the longer-lasting squirting orgasms in recent times eheheh

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Cum! Cum! Cum! Over My face?

I’ve just finished a live webcam show and my face is covered in cum, which i’m eagerly wiping off my face with my fingers, so that i can eat it and swallow: it’s like having dessert served over your face it eheheh

It has been a pretty busy day, so far, with loads of cum and lots of cock and it isn’t finished yet; this evening i’m going to have guests for dinner and i’m pretty sure that the after dinner will be as exciting as the day so far.

Cum! Cum! Cum! Over my face?Cum is something that never fills me enough and it makes me so horny, just to think that i can get a cumshot and swallow a load of cun, that i always must end up doing it. This is why the next webcam show, i want to truly show you how much i do like a load of cum performing something that i’m sure it will make your cock hard and your balls swollen and it will cheer your day up. I’m not gonna tell you exactly what it will be, but i can tell you that it will include something more than a deep-throat blowjob a facial cumshot or a cum swallow act. So, stay tuned and don’t miss my next webcam show

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Good Housewife Likes Creampies

Dressed like a boy, fucked like a slut...mmmm, crempies Hi! I just came out of the shower and i’m feeling horny like fucking hell, here, waiting for hubby to come back home from work and making him hard! I want to make him a surprise and bake some buscuits for him, but with a twist eheheh

I will be baking naked and really messy and i will make sure that i get covered in flour, dough and sugar, so that when he comes home i look like a little dirty slut and his cock rises up as soon as he sees me eheheh

I’m confident that he will shove his cock right up me, in the kitchen and i’m all wet thinking of him taking me rough and cumming in my mouth or up my cunt and fucking my deep throat like crazy ;-) I am setting some cameras in the kitchen, so i will able to take evidence of my housewife skills and show them to you, if my plan works…it must work…i’m in one of those moments when i could go out on the street, naked and shag the first soul i see, so, he better follows my plan ahahahah

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Amateur Slut, Ready To Shoot!

That dildo is gonna end up my ass Hi fellows! I’m going to shoot some hot action in minutes and i’m sipping some wine, while i’m waiting for having everything set. I’m dressed like a boy (well, half dressed eheheh) and all excited because i’m going to get laid lol

I’ve something in mind about what i want, but i’m not gonna tell you because i want it to be a surprise: i can just promise that it will be really juicy and you will be able to see it all, since we’re gonna take both pictures and video. I want to take the opportunity to remind you that if there is anything particular that you would like to see, you just have to shout it. Do you want to see me performing double penetration? Or ass2mouth? Do you want to see more rough anal action or see me swallowing more cum? More kinky stuff Don’t be shy and just let me know!

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