Interracial Love

face sitting

This unlikely pair has a fetish that is not easy to forget. The man absolutely loves when his lady counterpart bounces all over his face. Although he doesn’t always look happy while she does it, it really is total bliss for him. This man’s tongue is unforgettable to the girl which is why the ebony queen wants to be with him forever.

face sitting face sitting

Tiara The BackSeat Rider

The stunning princess, Tiara Gomez climbs into the back seat for some wild, exotic Dogging adventures. See her take on a huge cocked Dogger and give him the ride of his life. The little bitch sucks dicks like she's feasting on Steak and Eggs and gets that amazing pink cunt slammed into the bargain. A crazy assed facial as well. Fucking Perfect!!!

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I Am A Piss Slut

pissing and watersportsHi! I have just finished to get my pre-sleeping dose of sex and before going to dream i wanted to share the action with you. Because of course, as always, i have filmed and pictured it, but i like to add a few words to better express my naughty sexual experiences ;-) It has been a really wet session of sex and i think i have really behaved like a whore…but who cares? I am a nympho slut and behaving badly in bed lets me feel good ahahah! Anyway…as you have probably already understood, i have played quite a bit with pee, tonight; more than quite a bit: i have literally messed up with pee! I love pissing and i’ve certainly taken the best of it tonight. I wanted dick very badly and as often happen i have got more than dick and now i can say that i deserved it. After having been fucked hard up my cunt and having squirted, i’ve got a cock deep down my throat and i could feel the balls slapping my lips while fucking my throat hard and deep. Then i’ve got a huge load of hot cum all over my face and i found myself literally covered in cum.

That made me so horny that i started to scream and beg for being pissed and it worked better than i could imagine…in a matter of seconds, i had my mouth wide open and a violent shot of piss started to crash against my ugola…it looked like it never ended and i drank so much of it that i’m sure i’ll not need any water beside my bed tonight ahahah. Not happy of it, though, i raised my legs up, i brought my pussy towards my face and started to piss all over my body and face. I don’t exagerate when i tell you that i found myself in a pond of warm golden piss (yeah, it must be because of that that they call it golden shower lol), beside the liter that ended straight in my stomack…mmmmm…Well…you won’t miss that if you visit my members area and i can assure you that it’s hot and wet beyond your imagination! I’m off for some sleep now, so, let me wish you wet dreams! SMACK! SMACK!!

Blonde gets creamed

Micky is as sweet as could be and this video shows it. She’s one of those really spunky looking babes with short blonde hair and big bright eyes. Now you know Micky gets a facial but how it happened is the truly interesting part. Micky does a lot to tease and seduce this cock into spurting all over her cute self. The great thing about this girl is that she’s even cute when she’s covered in cum. Remarkable, isn’t it? Micky is the answer to your blues if you have them… or to your boner any time at all! Click here for more free pictures and a short video of her.

Danni’s Handjob


One of our very early videos, this is. It’s a classic and one of my favorites within our very large collection. A woman in a uniform starts by feeling a man’s cock right through his shorts. Once teased thoroughly, she takes his bare shaft into hand and strokes as if her life depended on it. Unbelievable girl with very skilled hands!

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Fuck My Ass And A2M Action

a2m actionI have just processed the pictures from the last weekend, when i got my ass fucked 4 times by 3 different people and i thought to share some more details about that experience with you. I didn’t mention, for example, that i become a real slut when my ass is stuffed with cock and since, as you all know by now, i go crazy for swallowing cum, it seems a waste to me all that cum up my ass. Don’t misunderstand me…i love the feeling of my ass and cunt filled with hot spunk, but afterwards i’m always craving for the last drops at least. And so what happens is that as soon as the cock slips off my crack, i instinctively try to reach it, stick it in my mouth and clean the last few drops of sperm.

This is called ass-to-mouth or a2m action and apparently only sluts like to do it…well, i guess i’m really a slut then because i love to be made suck on cock after he has drilled my bum. To go back to the last weekend, i had a2m action twice in the same day, once with my husband and once with a friend of mine and somehow it has awaken a crave for it in me. Therefore, i plan to have my next Friday webcam show focused on having my ass fucked hard, first, my throat second and my ass drilled again, ending possibly with a huge cumshot straight in my mouth…well, it’s just a desire, a dream, right now, but dreams come true if you really want them to, so i’m full of hope for Friday :-)

And of course i hope that you will be part of the party and that you will be there for getting horny with me. So, don’t miss it and click on the link to watch my a2m webcam show this Friday.

Fuck Me And Cum Up My Ass!

fill my ass with hot cumWhat a weekend, guys! It was one of those when my pussy gets envious of my ass because he gets all the fun ahahah! All started on Friday night, when i had friends at home for dinner and after dinner and i wanted to have a quick one with a nice guy, friend of a friend, in my bathroom. I wanted a quick one because i had guests waiting for me downstairs and i really trake care of my guests…so much that i always try to gost their cocks up me eheheh…but anyway, to make it short, i called the guy with an excuse upstairs and i was just bending over the sink, with my thong pulled down, all wet, and i have to say that he didn’t waste any time and all went as per my plans, except for the fact that instead of fucking my cunt, he spit on my ass hole and pushed his cock up there in one go and fucked the shit out of me…he came quickly up me, but that was good as i didn’t want to create any suspicion among ma guests lol The night ended in bed with my husband who apparently was in the mood for fucking my ass as well…he entered pretty comfortably because i still had a pretty nice amount of cum inside me, from the previous guy…but this time i got fucked up my ass for a good 40 minutes, while i was rubbing my clit and having a couple of nice orgasms.

On Saturday evening, hubby was still focused on my bum, maybe because he found it so tender and sloppy the night before ahahahah and he shot another load of hot cum inside me. Well…today guess what? I was horny and begging for cock and hubby thought well to stick it up my ass once again and to pund it deep and hard until he released his loads inside me. I really thougt that i had enough ass-fucking for the weekend, althought i was still horny. I started excercising, thinking that i could have got rid of my sluttiness and calm down my heat a bit and i made a lot of routines for my bum muscles. While doing that, hubby went outside meeting some friends and the door bell rang: it was another friend of mine and since i was still horny i felt like it would have been the right time for finally having my cunt worked out.

I asked him to fuck me, i went on my knees like a good dog and spread my pussy lips as to invite him to enter in there…no way! Ipushed his cock straight inside my ass so deep and hard that he almost ripped it…surely enough, althought i thought to have a sloppy hole, given the whole weekend activity, while he was fucking me like crazy he was telling me how tight my ass was. I couldn’t believe it, so i asked hubby, when he came back to fuck me again in the ass and to film it and take pictures and well…you can judge by yourself, in my members area…i take any size any time up my ass, but my ass still manages to stay very tight…so, it must be because of my training, i suppose lol