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Although this woman has a beautiful face and a set of tits that’s unforgettable, all the guy in this scene gets to see is her pussy, up close and personal. Instead of marvelling at her great form, he dives right into her delicious cunt. He really doesn’t have much choice, does he? She decends on him like a shark!

face sitting face sitting

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This dark black girl is absolutely unforgettable. She’s certainly obese and her tits must weight 50 pounds a piece! She gets right on top of her lover and bounces her body all over him. She has a tight ass and strangely enough she looks both fat and fit at the same time. There is a certain kind of beauty about this woman.

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Sarah is a wannabe rising star and she thinks that filming for Facial Foundry will help her in that regard. We’re not sure if we can fulfill that dream for her, but we can certainly arrange a face full of cum for this chick. Sarah smiles and poses for the camera as she gets fucked. She wants to look cute at all times but that doesn’t hinder her blowjob capabilities in the least. She gets the job done and with a big satisfied smile on her face and closed eyes, she gets that face full that we promised her. Click here for more free pictures and a short video of her.

Double Penetration In The Shower

double fucked in the showerYesterday i’ve got a nice surprise from my husband. I was taking a shower, when i heard him coming home, back from his job. I shouted HI!, but i didn’t get an answer, so, i thought he just didn’t hear me. I kept relaxing, pampered by the hot water pouring from the shower, when suddenly hubby entered the room with his camcorder and started filming me, without saying a word. I got a bit upset because i din’t get a hug or a word, but my vent lasted really a few seconds…In fact it turned into big joy when i saw two naked men coming into the bathroom, with their huge stiff cocks held in their hand, approaching me in no time and starting to touch my body, squeeze my soapy boobs and inserting their fingers in my ass and pussy.

Oooohh…that was a blast! A rush of blood to my cunt made me sticky wet inside and my nipples got big and stiff like nails. I went on my kness, with the shower still on, and started to suck those big cocks, now in turns, now sticking them both in my mouth. One of the guys went behind me and pushed his monster dick straight up my wet ass and drilled it furiously, while the other kept fucking my face. After a while they dragged me out of the shower and made me sit doggy over one of them, who started fucking my pussy, while the other from behind pushed his cock up my ass again. I was trapped between the two pigs and all i could do it was just moaning and orgasming like a mare, when they both came up me at the same time. Now i have an amazingly hot video to show you and to share this intimate, slutty moment with you and you won’t miss it!


Wildy Updated! Series 11


The dominator of gaping comes back to show us an out-of-this-world shoot. This girl is some sort of Olympic gold medal winner in spreading and making her pussy mould into a perfect “O”. It is astounding. She almost looks like a sex doll. You just can’t stop looking, almost like one of those magic eye paintings. Wildy is wild, there is absolutely no doubt about that.  Click Here

Misha Updated! Series 6


This set shows off Misha’s very, very long legs. When she chooses a long dildo the whole set just looks full of long, lean things. She’s tanned (not orange), she’s blonde, she’s fit and she is happy – all of the dream ticket requirements. There is nothing you can’t like about Misha and plenty you will love. Check out this set and don’t forget to look at the others she’s done. Don’t miss out.  Click Here