Rose Updated! Series 2


Rose is no wallflower, in fact she has plenty of pink petals which seem to be blooming. But her biggest feature isn’t her pussy, nice at it is. Rose has the most marvellous arse. When she fucks her pussy with a dildo it looks as if she is spreading her arse. She doesn’t have to, it seems to be permanently widened. That’s something we like to look at.

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Rough A2M And Big Squirting

a2mI will go straight to the point, this time. This afternoon i have been banged by two studs who have literally opened my ass and treated me like a slut. I didn’t know them. They were at my place for fixing something and they looked pretty fit and cute and of course my pussy went bananas lol Fact is that i didn’t get fucked up my cunt at all…I went in my room with the excuse of getting the money to pay them, i undressed, positioned myself doggy on the bed and called them loud. They came upstairs entered in the room and sw me doggy, naked, with my pussy lips spread and dripping like a whore; but instead of being surprised and starting touching me and stuff, they immediately pulled out their big dicks and while one ended straight in my mouth, the other stud spit on my crack, broke in my ass in one go and started to pump lile crazy. I felt literally trapped and spitroasted and it hurt, but ina few seconds the pleasure took over and i got wet like hell. So wet and horny that i orgasmed almost immediately. They kept fucking my ass and as soon as i started begging for a cock up my cunt, the guys switched holes and the cock that was up my ass ended in my mouth and viceversa, giving me a2m.

This happened 3 times and i orgasmed two more times until i started squirting repeatedly when i felt one of the guys shooting his loads of cum up my ass. Then he switched again with his mate and the mate filled my ass with his spem also; then they inserted their dripping cocks in my mouth again for letting me clean their cocks, they pulled their pants back and left telling me that i had already paid in nature. Wow! I shaked for a good hour after that and my cunt and ass didn’t stop dripping for the same amount of time. I had a2m a lot in the past. I’m used and i do like to have ass2mouth rather regularly…but i never had such ass to mouth action, if you know what i mean. My bedroom camcorder has caught all the action and i can assure you that it will make you and keep you hard for a long time! Watch my a2m action now!

Olivia Updated! Series 3


The fresh-faced beauty that is Olivia gives us another whirl. The set starts with a lot of tease. Her t-shirt is pulled up over her breasts and her knickers fall around her knees. She opens her legs and starts to play with her lips. Soon she has a vibrator out and is fucking her pussy with it, getting really excited as she does so. She was barely holding back through it.

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Big Babe In Black

This woman is large and she looks wonderful in her black lingerie. She puts on tight black thigh highs, a matching negligie, and a sheer top over it. She’s a horny woman so instead of taking all her clothes off, she just removes her panties, top, and yanks down the negligie a bit. She gets fucked doggie style in this one.

Aya The Asian Cumslut

Ayabr /
The Asian Cumslutbr /
Location: Walsall, West Midlandsbr /
br /
Aya is a tiny little oriental slag that loves a noting more than her face covered in cum. Out for a night's dogging, our little Asian slut gets just what she wants. She takes on eleven guys and hammers her little bald cunt like a bitch on heat. Great fucking facials for the lads on car park duty.

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Zdarma Updated! Series 3


Zdarma sits on a blue dildo, the girth of it pushing her lips apart. Simon gets all the crazy angles and close enough it is almost feelovision. Zdarma has great breasts and the set starts with loads of boob play, as well as spreading. She’s got a fantastic body and a lovely natural way of posing. We really like the close ups of the knickers pulled to one side of her pussy.

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Hard submissive fucking

Now this girl would really look adorable if she wasn’t always making those “I’m a total whore” faces. Well, that’s just her personality and it’s very sexy – just not too cute. Renee is petite with red hair that she wears in pigtails. She looks young but boy does she have a lot of experience! She chomps on a whore block while getting fucked hard – she even gets her ass spanked a bit before the facial. Renee knows how to be obedient and it shows through really well in this amazing whorish video. Click here for more free pictures and a short video of her.

Lola Updated! Series 8


If you like wet pussy then Lola is giving you a display worth your download clicking. She is in the shower and giving her undercarriage a bit of refreshment. She uses the showerhead to get clean and the water runs off her pussy flaps. There’s nothing like a gorgeous girl being cascaded in water. It’s a nice little set.

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