Fucked By Vegetables

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Harvest time cummmmed early this year, lol! I’ll keep this entry brief because I know I’ve been getting a bit too wordy lately. Today I posted my first solo hardcore video on my website. Usually all my videos feature cock sucking but I was in a different kind of mood for this one. I started off with one carrot and ended up with a big corn cob in my fanny. Vegetable sex scenes are pretty cliche now but I really think I took mine to the extreme. To check out this hardcore video and all of my others, please visit my website – Annasucks.com! (I do, I really really do!)

Basement Voyeur Pics

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I took these pics in the basement of my flat. It was really risky because it’s open to everyone in the building. With people walking by and the lighting being so poor, these risky pictures came out a little blurry. I did manage to get naked and even do some sucking – I wonder which of my neighbors saw. I feel like they’re all looking at me funny now! I just put this set up in my member’s area – to see it you have to join my site if you haven’t already.

The days have been really dreary here in Finland. I think the boredom is slowly turning my cat into a nutcase. Every night at 4 am she starts this circus – running around the flat like something’s chasing her, then she stops to lick herself for a second, lifts her head like she heard something, takes off again, diving behing the sofa and rolling on the floor between running. I guess I’m not the only one who’s going mad in this tiny flat. Well it’s all going to change for the better soon, granny is selling the apartment and I’m moving somewhere hopefully bigger. I’m also thinking of getting another cat to keep company to Siiri. At least then they could chase each other. Siiri will always be the boss though, I read that no matter how many cats and what sex they are, the oldest female cat is always in charge. Humans should really learn from cats, I think the world would be a better place if women were making the decisions :D

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I Got Blown!

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Although I’m an expert in “blowing”, I’m never been good at girly things like doing my hair. I always get distracted, like in this set. Hot air feels so good between my legs instead of on my head. This set of pics is really different from what I’m used to. I’m no classy girl by any means but here you might think otherwise. I like being a raunchy slut most of the time!

On a side note, I’m starting to get a lot of new members to my site so I started a fund for a new digital camera. Mine is 8mp but it’s a hokey piece of garbage sometimes. I want one of those SLRs but I need to suck my butt off before I can get it!

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Bonus Video + Cam Stuff

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I posted an extra video today in my member’s area because I had to cancel my camshows for the weekend. The sodden people at the cam company I’m setting up with keep losing my information but they said next week I’ll be good to go, giving nasty blowjob shows to all my loyal members. I’ll be posting new photosets and videos in the coming days as usual so this hot video is just a hot bonus.

This is only my second anal sex video. I’m taking a liking to anal lately, maybe I’m even dirtier than I thought! The video quality turned out great on this one. You have to be a member of my site to see the video and it’s really worth it. You get 2 photosets, 1 video, and 2 camshows weekly with archives (as soon as the damn company gets back to me!). To join my site click here.

Outdoor Shoot

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I went for a bicycle trip yesterday and stopped for a drink and now I have mosquito bites all over me. It didn’t exactly help that I took all my clothes off either hehe. I think you can see the bites on my ass in a couple of pictures in yesterdays update… They didn’t look bad then but I’m sure you can imagine what my butt looks like after 24 hours of continuous scratching! It’s like I suddenly have a latina ass. Except that mines all red and deformed. I guess it’s better than nothing :P Sorry I shouldn’t turn you off like this. You probably came here for a wank and checked out my diary for detailed descriptions of my wild sexual adventures only to read that I have been scrathing my ass for the past 24 hours. If I haven’t ruined your appetite for porn yet,go and check out the new pics while they’re hot! I will be making some new ones as soon as my ass turns from bright red to pale white again. Maybe some man cream would help, hehe. I hear it’s great for your skin :P

Anna xxx

I Love Porn!

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You may surprised but I have a HUGE porn collection. I’ve never taken two cocks on film but I like to wathci it. I’ve got like 5 days worth of porn on my hard drive, not my films might I add. When it comes to porn my taste is quite… unusual. Sometimes I like really offensive stuff but usually I just stick to the weird. Maybe it’s because I have to look at porn/genitals all day because of what I do for a living and it has made me numb. Some of the downsides of the job ;) But on the other hand I do remember being interested in the “unusual” stuff even before I had seen any porn at all. I’ve always had a good imagination, so to speak, and I actually get the best kicks with just using my imagination.

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Videos, videos videos…

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In the past few days I’ve had my throat fucked, I’ve had 9 inches of cock up my ass and I’ve smeared shaving foam all over my body. So I guess I could say it’s been a really succesfull week for me, hehe. Oh, and I finally got the papers back from the Legalisation Office in London. I had to send them my marriage certificate to get this Apostille thingy for it. Apparently the certificate is worthless outside the UK without the Apostille. Now that I’ve got proof that my marriage certificate is legal I went to my local “Maistraatti” [register office type of place] and got my marriage legalised in Finland too. Yay! And I got rid of my unbelievably-difficult-to-spell maiden name! I haven’t had the chance to sign anything with my new name yet though. I’m so looking forward to signing something, as I’ve never had a proper signature due to the difficulty of my maiden name. There was just too many dots and stuff! Ooo and I almost forgot that I can now get a new passport, which means I get rid of that old passport picture. It was taken when I was 14 and I was happy with it at the time but it’s definitely time to get a new one. I’d like to think my hair and make up are better nowadays.

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